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In 2010, Alexandra Bruckschen founded Solution Elements.

Started as an independent “solo heroine” in project management, she quickly made a name for herself through her dynamic and communicative style. The success of her projects is characterized by the fact that she is always active in the middle. In this way every member of the organization is reached – from the employee to the executive board – and reaches consensus through clear, open communication.

It has already been shown several times: Where X other trainers, coaches and project managers have already failed because of the employees’ missing willingness to cooperate, Alexandra Bruckschen successfully leads projects and change to the desired result!

Meanwhile, Solution Elements consists of a network of several cooperation partners with different expertise. In that way we are able to provide you with the best people for every topic.

Solution Elements has a broad understanding of organizations and has no industry focus. We understand both technical and factual content and have experience working for insurance companies, IT companies, telecommunications companies, government institutions, utilities, education providers and manufacturing companies.



Our Values

We are different!  Why cooperation is definitely worthwhile:


competent (even without suit and tie)   
enthusiastic and dedicated    
simplifying complexity    
clear and honest   
realistic daily rates for 100% know-how, efficiency and quality    
inventive and down-to-earth   
Respect for what has been reached already  




We are neither the hip startup next door nor the distanced suit fraction, but a healthy mix of human and expert, for who your success is in the foreground. As a consulting company, we are a partner at eye level and our expertise is based on a mixture of consulting methodology and pure practice from the operative implementation of projects. That means, for us it is important that we not only create a great concept (which we can of course excellently), but also to accompany you in the implementation. We respect you and your employees for your experience and the work already done and see us as a companion to your next level of competence.


We are a consulting firm that employees, managers and management like to have by their side.
With us you also face challenging tasks, because you know that it will be good.